Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kid Quotes::Vol. 52

It's sunny here today. COLD, but sunny. It has me day dreaming about spring....

Me: I have dreams guys. I want to build a big ol' vegetable garden down in the lower yard. And I want a chicken coop with at least 10 chickens.

Brendan: (interrupting and talking as fast and loud as he can as if that might make it more possible)
I want 100 tree houses with zip-lines going from tree house to tree house!

clearly we all have different dreams


Maureen said...

It is amazing to enjoy the different ways people see things. Love you all.

Rachel said...

I'm thinking 100 gardens to go with each of the tree houses and we could put baskets on the zipline to move our harvest food around! :)

Anonymous said...

All of them beautiful dreams!! I am dreaming about my garden too! I especially love the chicken part. I dream of not having to go to work and playing in my garden all day. Just can't wait to see what grows this year.

Anonymous said...

I dream of fish, lots of them, all sizes and mostly steelhead and salmon.
Uncle Bubba

PS, nice shirt Brendan