Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter and Easton

Easter was lovely. We had perfect, perfect, beautiful weather. We went to church, which was good (as always). We went early and then came home and changed into our summer clothes and pretty much played all day. My dad and grandma came over in the afternoon and ate a casual dinner with us out on the deck and we soaked up all the beautiful spring sunshine that we could. It was one of those lovely days that you wish would just drag on a little longer.

Monday, however, came anyway. Rand went back to work and I took Easton to his 1 week follow-up appointment. He was in very good spirits and I couldn't help but think about how happy he has been (since his leg has healed enough to stop hurting). It can only be a result of the special attention he has been getting which makes me sad and glad at the same time. I think he needed it. A lot of holding and carrying and taking care of, including sleeping in my bed because it is too hard for me to get him in and out of his lower bunk bed that is basically on the floor. Anyway, he is happy, and that is good. He occasionally talks about getting that cast off, but for the most part he is really good about just being okay with the way things are. Perhaps he is even seeing the "gifts". He is healing well, but will have the cast for probably 5 more weeks. We go back again next week and they will probably follow his progress for a couple years just to make sure that growth plate heals properly. Here are a few glimpses of Easton that he rarely lets anyone see. Smiley, and goofy.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the little guy is healing well. He will be ready for some fishing in no time.
Uncle Bubba