Monday, April 15, 2013

Opening Day::2013

Saturday was opening day for Capital Little League. It was just me with the kids and the plan was for opening ceremonies (be there by 9:30) and then Brendan had a game at 11:00 and Wyatt at 1:30. The weather could not have been more miserable. It was freezing and raining and windy. HORRIBLE. I put Easton and Annabel in the double stroller with the rain shield on (a fitted tarp with a window) and they were as cozy and dry as could be in there. I kept looking at them wondering how I could crawl in there too. Opening ceremonies happened and I found the boys and they were still planning on playing the game. So Brendan went to his field and I went to the car with everyone else. 45 mins of trying to soak up puddles with sand bags and they finally called the game! We went home, bundled up and watched movies. All the games were cancelled for the day so we have yet to have our first games. Thursday, maybe. The boys were bummed, but if we are going to have weather like that....NO THANK YOU! When the nice spring weather arrives, let's play some baseball!


Kim said...

Love your little boys in their baseball uniforms! How awesome is it to have opening ceremonies - such a fun way to kickoff the season (minus the crazy rain)!

Anonymous said...

I always loved opening day.....of fishing season!
Uncle Bubba