Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Baseball (this is just the beginning)

We finally got to play our first games...and our first full week of games. 4 games a week from now until June. Whew! I love it, but I am really looking forward to a little calmer summer. Brendan and Wyatt were little studs in their games and Rand and I have so much fun watching them. It's fun to watch them anyway, but when they do well, it's just super fun. :) Wyatt accidentally got a home run in one of his games. He was pumped. He didn't hit his ball past the infield, but error in this level can get you a long ways, and he just kept running! Ha! Brendan hit a couple doubles in his first game, I think one was legitimate...the other...errors! It's fun watching the improvement from one year to the next and the better understanding of the game. Now....if it would just warm up a little bit!

 On third



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Anonymous said...

Looks like the boys really like baseball, that is good thing since their dad is into it as well. Can't wait to see Easton and Abelle playing ball. Of course springers are running and so fishing must dominate my time, oh wait, that only happens in Washington, where I am not, I guess I will settle for some WAGNER BASEBALL. Not really settling.
Uncle Bubba