Friday, April 12, 2013

Easton Update 2

An update on Easton, for all of his fans (especially Willow and Stella who are especially concerned about his cast!) :)

We had a follow up appointment on Wednesday. 2 weeks and 2 days post leg break. Another x-ray confirmed that things hadn't changed (that's good, actually) and meant that things were staying aligned while they healed. We were declared good to go, and "please return in 4 weeks and we'll take the whole thing off." Ugh. 4 weeks then. So we are counting down to May 8. Come on, May!

On Monday at ORLA (my long day at school with the kids), I lifted Easton off the floor from a laying down position and didn't even think when I did it, and totally wrecked my back. It is much better now but as a result, Easton is cruising around on his own much more. I confirmed with the doctor on Wednesday that it was okay for him to walk on it and so he has been getting where he needs to least when in the house.

He doesn't complain at all about itches or anything hurting, which is surprising! He is dirty and bathing is a challenge so it doesn't happen very often, aside from the wash cloth to the face, hands and feet. He is due for a dunk now. He has occasionally said, "I hate broken legs", and I agree with him.

We are gearing up for baseball opening ceremonies tomorrow and I am flying solo with all 4 kids all day at the ball park. It is Rand's weekend to work, my Mom will have to run the studio alone, my Dad is in Kansas (Rachel!!!!), and my other sister is going to Seattle for the day. How did this work out this way? I have to have the boys uniformed and at the fields by 9:30 for line ups. Opening ceremonies start soon after. Brendan has a game immediately following opening ceremonies at 11:00 and Wyatt's game is at 1:00pm. Holy Moly!

It's nothing less than an awesome adventure....pretty much every day!

Mom, take a picture of me with my letter E

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