Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baseball=Spring in Arizona

Spring is here! Actually it isn't (I would know because my due date is the first day of spring), but Spring Training is here, and that means Spring for most people. There are lots of people here in Arizona right now just to watch baseball games. Yesterday we went to a Mariner's game with my parents and our friends from Washington (Greg and Linda). It was lots of fun. When we lived in Arizona before we lived right by the Mariner's spring training field, but for some reason we never went to a game. I have no idea why. Guess we didn't think we'd be moving in a year....and then moving back in a year....well, you know the story....
It was kind of funny as we walked through the parking lot because half of the license plates were from Washington, Oregon and California. Obviously a lot of people who had flocked here for a week or so of Spring fun. Rand kept saying, "Go home Snowbirds. Go home Snowbirds, " because that's what people who live here say. I wonder if anyone noticed our car had a Pennsylvania license plate on it? Talk about Snowbirds!
So yes. Lots of fun. Beautiful weather. Good company. Etc... I would have had more fun not being insanely-huge, read-to-burst pregnant, but I still had fun! By the end of the game I'd puffed up like a balloon and asked Rand to roll me into the house when we got home. He actually tried. Turns out I'm about as easy to roll as I am to carry. So I lugged myself in. Thought maybe it would have triggered labor being in the sun all day like that, but here I sit (It's about 2:30am I've been asleep, awake, and back to sleep twice. No action).

There it is again....The belly that never leaves me.
Kids got to run the bases after the game. They took it very seriously and ran as fast as they could.


rachel said...

before i read that that was a picture of your belly, i totally thought it was a beach ball. :)

Anonymous said...

I did not see any fishing spots or equipment, I am a little dissapointed.
Uncle Bubba