Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nursery Trials

I've taken pictures, but I think tonight just words will suffice. I've given a little tid-bit on here about my crib and changing table situation. The set I have I got as a hand-me-down from a friend in Portland, OR. It had been through her 2 boys and then I used it for my 2 boys when we lived in WA. Knowing we would probably have more kids I packed it with me to AZ...where we then packed it and moved it to PA. Half way through my pregnancy I put it all together and in a room that was going to be the nursery. True, it had seen better days and I was contemplating taking it all apart and painting it, but knew our weather in PA probably wouldn't be too great for that kind of a project which needed to be done outside.
Fast forward and it does indeed get taken apart, but not to get get moved again. Now it's pretty darn thrashed with marks and spilled paint and other such moving disasters that just happen when you move like we do.
Not having the funds to replace it I set to work on getting it looking at least a little better. Paint. And heck, our weather is pretty great right now. I'm really not in any shape to be doing this sort of work, but I'm desperate and I'm really wanting it to look better than it does. So I paint, and I paint, and I paint, and I paint some more. Outside, in between our rainy days, with a fan going, and a mask on, etc. I completed the changing table first and put it together and moved it into the nursery and loaded it with diapers and wipes and blankets and all sorts of other baby bottom necessities. Then the crib. I took more time on the crib because I knew it was going to get more wear and tear. Extra coats, top coats, etc. Finally I finished, let it all completely dry and air out and brought it in the house (after vacuuming real good in the babies room). I was beat, but excited to get it all put together. Hmmm, where the heck are those silver rods that hold on the sides? Come to think of it, I haven't seen all. I look around...everywhere. I call Rand, my mom, Joanna (all of who may have seen them in the unpacking). Nothing. Nowhere. Well, there is no crib without them. I give up for the day.
So, the next day I think, "Gosh, they have to be here somewhere." So I grab one end of the changing table to move it away from the wall thinking that maybe, just maybe, I missed them the day before and they were hidden underneath or something. As I do this, the side literally pops off and the top and middle shelf go crashing down. I yell something and everyone comes running in. It's ruined, and honestly, unsafe for holding a child even if it could be put back together. While I am grateful to have figured this out before there was a child involved in an accident, I still threw myself one big pity party and had a good cry about it all. Brendan fretted over my state and cried himself when he feared that maybe the baby really would have to sleep in a drawer.
I pulled myself up by the bootstraps eventually and decided I'd just hit the garage sales this weekend. Craigslist was only showing slight potential. I just didn't want to pay a bunch of money for new used crib and changing table. People on craigslist really want a lot of money for their junk!
Well, anyway, one of the blessings of moving back to Arizona is my friends. And I have good ones. They are coming to the rescue and my friend Ashley brought me over a changing table today. And another friend says she's got a crib I can use. And I'm really grateful. Still a little stunned and ticked that I spent so much time doing what I've been doing the last few weeks, but still. The Lord provides!
I still hit up the garage sales today, mostly because I was looking for a swing and I found one. And she only wanted 5 dollars for it! So I took it, and it will be just great. And I also got a bouncy seat that looks brand new for next to nothing. So that's basically it. What else do I need? Not much. A diaper pail is the only thing I can think of!
Tomorrow marks one week. One week to go! There's a new moon in 2 days, so I'm kind of hoping things happen then, but whatever. One week isn't that long. (Please don't let it be longer!!!!)
I realize this is a long, rather lame story, but I'm kind of hoping to remember it and laugh one day. Ha ha ha ha, remember what I went through when I was pregnant with #3? Let's start with ummmm, moving across the country! Oy Vey! It's been an interesting few months. I'm hoping with this baby comes a little bit of calmness to my life. Is that wishful thinking?


Anonymous said...

Did you see any good fishing gear at the garage sales? Always a good place to look.
Uncle Bubba

Bekki said...

Reading your story reminds me of mine, onlt I wasn't painting the crib I was painting walls, 3 rooms of them. And you know what after the baby came it was calm and so much easier, even with a baby who never slept!

The Raudenbush Family said...

No pictures of this tragic story? Ugh. Sounds awful. I can identify. It's midnight here and I can't sleep because I'm fretting about all the details. My crib is working though...check. Someone just told me they think our daughter will be wearing 6 mo. clothes not the 12 mo. clothes I was prepared to take. Darn it! Now, I've gotta hit some sales for smaller things...really? Does a 17.5 lb baby only wear 6 mo. sized, this is what is keeping me up. Maybe we should fret together.

Glad you got a crib and changing table and all that jazz. Do you think you will wait until the 29th? Then, we could get our babies on the very same day. :)


Maureen said...

That is the most horrible story I've ever heard. If you weren't pregnant I'd by you a margarita!!On second thought I'll buy you a margarita and drink it myself. I may need two to get over such a sad story. Love, Mom Maureen

Krisy said...

I started to tear up. I feel your pain sister.