Thursday, March 4, 2010

Becoming Little Men

I grew up watching my Dad shave. Shave and put in his little green contact lenses with Johnson's baby shampoo. Oh, and foo-foo, but that's another story. Just the things I remember about my dad getting ready for work....every. single. day.
Rand has almost always shaved in the shower so our kids have never really seen him do it. That is until recently when we didn't bring with us the yucky, not-so-good shower mirror and have yet to replace it. So he shaves at the sink.....and our bathroom is more than accessible. (Think no door.) Well, the boys think Rand shaving is just weird and interesting and they scream and laugh and run around when his face is covered with white foam. "How do you do that? Why don't you bleed? What if you used your razor sideways?" Questions, questions.
The funny thing is that they got a play shaving kit for the bathtub a couple Christmas' ago. They sort of used them, but never having seen it modeled by Dad, I don't think they really knew what it was all about. So today they got a lesson in shaving. They feel so grown up now!


Anonymous said...

Remember that you never shave the night before fishing or the morning that you wake up to go fishing. It is bad luck.
Uncle Bubba

juniperview said...

i remember doing that with brad and paul. good memory.

mom/nana said...

it makes me a little sad...i see beyond the little boy faces to the faces of the men they will be one day....oh too soon, much too soon.

Kristi said...

Ohhh, so fresh and so clean! Cute!

Amy Cooper said...

awww, what a rite of passage for little boys - so cute!