Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Onesie Art

I just remembered a fun project I did a while back with freezer paper and fabric paint. A fresh pack of totally blank onesies jogged my memory and today I added some flair to them. These onesies are a tad small (like up to 8lbs) and I'm not even sure they will fit this little (I mean, not so little) guy when he's born. Maybe he can wear them once. We shall see.
This is seriously easy and fun.
Print a silhouette picture of what you want to use.
Trace it onto a piece of freezer paper.
Cut it out with an X-acto knife
Iron it onto your onesie (the wax on the backside will stick nicely to the shirt)
Dab homemade stencil with fabric paint (be sure to put another piece of paper or cardboard inbetween so the paint doesn't go through to the backside).
Let dry and peel off paper.

(click pics. to enlarge)


patricia said...

I like these shirts! So very cute and clever!

rachel said...

i like 'em! can't wait till the little chubby dude is wearing them!

And i'm gonna guess what Uncle Bubba's gonna say, 'They'd look better if they had a fish on them'

Anonymous said...

My wife knows me so well. They'd look better if they had a fish on them.
Uncle Bubba

Beth said...

Yay! My poor scrawny little baby wore her butterfly ones for like three months! Was so sad when she actually outgrew them...