Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Box Day::2011

School is here. Well, we haven't officially started, but we have the equipment for another full year.

This year Brendan and Wyatt are starting Intro. to World History (year one of two). We have some great books to get through this year.

I love getting all our new books. It's so fun. And then I start putting all my Instructors Guides and schedules into my giant binder and I start thinking, 'Oh my gosh. How am I going to do this?' Both the boys have quite a bit of work to do each day.

Here is a little sneak peek at school arriving.

these are Brendan's grade 3 readers

Here is history, geography, and read-alouds

and here is my huge schedule
In that big ol' binder is our schedule for our Core (history, geography, read alouds) and then Brendan's language arts (spelling/phonics, readers, handwriting, vocabulary and creative expression), Wyatt's language arts (same) and our study guides for all that. Crazy. I have another binder for Science which we all do together and the boys each have their own maths. We got an art elective this year, too, which we are all really excited about.

I just need some school supplies and a little more organization and perhaps another school room re-vamp and then we are off. Grades 1 and 3...here we come!


Rachel said...

yea for school! here's to hoping your start on monday with us! :) you're gonna be great!

Bekki said...

That was a fun core. Detectives in Togas was my boys favorite and the reason we are now studying Latin. :)
Have fun! It's always a bit imtimidating at the beginning, isn't it?

The Malloy Family said...

YAY BOX DAY! I cried twice from stress in getting it all together...it is so intimidating at first!
Fun that we are doing the same Core!!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

I confess that I'd love getting all those books too-- just wouldn't be disciplined to actually use them everyday!

~C said...

This is totally random and not related to your post, but I remember a while back you posted about the insurance company you guys go through...was it Medi-share? I thought I had your email address, but I don't. If you do go through that company I just wanted to pick your brain about it. Email me if you have time. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Let me know when Chemistry and Fisheries start, I would love to be a guest lecturer.
Uncle Bubba