Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Art

The boys are still in a constant state of creating. Usually just sitting at the table drawing or making books. Right now they are all about PowerRangers. That, and figuring out Japanese symbols which has everything to do with PowerRangers. Also, the big boys are taking some classes through the Olympia School District through a program called Homeschool Connect at Olympia Regional Learning Academy (O.R.L.A.) They are in a clay class together and Bren is taking a wood shop class as well as a computer class and Wyatt is taking a "construction" class and a class all about bears. They really, really love it. It is much more work for me, but have thankfully had a lot of help, at least with taking them there. A parent (or responsible adult) has to be on the campus while they are in their classes. So that's a bit of a commitment for someone with other little kids to entertain!
Anyway, they recently brought home some of what they have been working on since they started at O.R.L.A. And then, we did our own freestyle art this morning and it got crazy messy with Easton, but it was fun, although not save-able except for the pictures I took!

Brendan's bird feeder


Brendan's (I have no idea)

my creation
I love messy kid art!


Anonymous said...

You are all so creative! Very fun stuff. Love from The Great Marshmellow

Anonymous said...

Fish, focus on fish next time.
Uncle Bubba