Sunday, March 11, 2012


My sister, Rachel, she lives in Kansas. Boo. She got the auntie nick-name of Yay-Yay back in the days of Baby Brendan when he couldn't say "Rachel". He couldn't even say "Rae", so it makes sense, right? She is Yay-yay. And I think it fits her. :) She came for a visit this weekend without her kiddos or husband, (much to the dismay of the cousins) to meet Annabel and lend a helping hand. Which she did. And it was great. But it was much too short and she is already gone and headed back to tornado alley. I hope she moves back here someday. She is coming with kids for a much longer visit this summer and it just can't come soon enough. I am soooo excited for summer. No school, a baby who is having much more fun out in the world, warmer weather, camping, gardens....the list goes on and on. But mostly we can't wait for a solid month of sister and cousin adventures!

the 3 sisters with 2 best friends and 2 perfect baby girls

this is where we hang out when one of us is sick. this time it was E-dub.


Rachel said...

I'm sitting at the airport. :( booooo. But I am so excited to come back this summer with the rest of my family. 4 months and counting...get ready!!!!!

Anonymous said...

4 months until fishing, get ready, I already am.
Uncle Bubba