Monday, March 26, 2012

Kid Quotes::Vol. 45

Since Easton is now offically two years old, it seems fitting that the next KidQuote should go to him!

Tonight at baseball practice, Easton, Annabel and I were hangin' out in the car having a good ol' time. I fed Annabel while Easton climbed around pushing buttons and turning knobs. I burped the babe and, as she does, she spit up all over. But when she did, her face was kind of buried in my shoulder and so it really got all over her face.

Me: Oh gosh. Easton, just look at Annabel's face.

Easton: Hahahaha. San.ta.


Mom said...

Ho no no what a funny kid

Anonymous said...

He may turn out to be the funniest one of all!! and all the others have said some really funny stuff. Just love those kids. The Great Marshmellow

Mom said...

I meant to type ho ho ho .....sheesh

Anonymous said...

I am a little disappointed he did not yell, "Fish-on!"
Uncle Bubba