Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some More Knitting (and a cute model)

You'd think with all this knitting (and crocheting) I'm doing I might have all this extra time or something. I SO don't. I do not have time to be doing these things. It's down right miraculous that I have actually completed any of it. Believe me, there is a lot NOT done at my house. I wonder when I will start to feel like I have things back under control? Hmmmm.
Well, anyway, I have been having fun knitting up quick little, cute things for this little girl to wear.

I did a repeat of the little ladybug vest, because that one just wasn't the right colors and she didn't really have anything to wear it with. Plus she outgrew it in about a week. This one is a little girlier and it is a good one or two sizes bigger. AND she has a cute matching hat to wear with it. Best thing about these two projects: Easy, Fast, Cute and Cheap.
Why don't I knit more often?
You can find these patterns on my ravelry site if you have an account there.


Anonymous said...

Forget the flower, think fish.
Uncle Bubba

Mom said...

Well your knitting is real real cute but Annabel is way beyond cute...she is so over the top cute!!!