Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kid Quotes::Vol. 50

My favorite things that Easton says right now.

Easton (age 2 1/2): You my best friend me ever seen.

Easton:  You a nin-ka-kumpoop.

Easton: ANNBEL!

Easton: Sometimes me go to bed. (just double checking it's not bedtime right now!)

Easton: Where's my boys?

Easton: Me go toilet! Quick! .....Me did it!!!

Easton: You help me think 'bout that? hmmmmmm

Me: Hey Easton, where's your [insert any given item we happen to be looking for]
Easton: Ummmmm, somewhere!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Tree

We almost always get our Christmas tree immediately after Thanksgiving. Last year was an exception because, as I recall, we didn't have a home until December 1st, and we picked one up at the grocery store lot as soon as we were moved in...but it was late. I love Christmas tree hunting here in Washington because we are right in the middle of Christmas tree country. Everywhere you look is a U-cut Christmas tree farm....and let me say, they are half the price of any live Christmas tree we ever bought in Phoenix and so much evergreen-smellier. mmmmmmm

This year we went to Clyde and Dale's. As you may have guessed, they have Clydesdale horses there and a horse drawn wagon to ride around in, to and from your desired location amongst the trees. These after Thanksgiving festivities are some of my favorite.

So we spent the morning Christmas tree hunting and then I spent the afternoon at the studio, while the big boys decorated and the little munchkins napped. And then this evening, we all went to a movie....a very rare treat. It was a great day.

And this is how trouble begins....I can see it in their eyes!
straight out of the '70s

Monday, November 19, 2012

Painting Party::Ninjas

We had our first event at the studio this weekend! Wyatt's birthday was way back in September, but we never got around to have his "friends" party. We kept pushing it off, and then when the studio was getting close to being done I suggested waiting and having his friends come do a painting at the studio so we could "practice". We had 8 boys ages 9, 9 , 8 , 7, 7, 7, 7 and 5. They all had a ton of fun and the paintings all turned out awesome. Definitely for those younger ages, parent participation was required. It's hard for the younger kids to control how much paint is on their brush and in order for everything to dry in the right amount of time we need that paint to be spread out. We had a couple parents there and I went around and gave a little help when needed. It went great! They had so much fun they all wanted to have their birthdays at the studio....so I consider that a total success!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Yay! Wyatt got that huge, heavy temporary cast off his arm today. He gets to keep this one for another 4 weeks, but it is half the size and he got his elbow back. He is a happy camper! Please pardon my crazy mom-who-must-document-everything pictures!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Annabel::9 Months

My, oh my! She is going so fast! She is quite the contrast to Easton. Easton was the smallest at birth, she was the largest. Easton waited the longest to start solids. She started much earlier and eats anything and everything....and an insane amount, too! Easton was my latest walker (14 months) and little miss Annabel is cruisin on her feet already...by far my earliest. She's ambitious and unafraid. The noise and craziness doesn't even faze her. She joins right in and makes her own noise. She can yell really loud! She is the first baby I've had where I can identify who she looks like without a doubt. And in case you can't tell, I think she looks EXACTLY like Rand. I'm thinking hair will change that a bit, but seriously, she looks just like him!

She is an awful sleeper and I am reaching the end of what I can handle. Something will have to change soon. I'm just hoping she'll figure it out on her own...... maybe? This is the fourth one and I have no doubt that it is me that creates this problem. I'm okay with that because I have made the best choices I can and done best by her, I know. BUT, she is 9 months old now, and waking every 2 hours or more and sometimes staying up for an hour is killing me! I would seriously consider having more kids if they slept. No sleep though makes everything so much harder and I absolutely couldn't handle doing this again. (don't hold me to that!)


She is napping peacefully now. I skipped church because I needed her to have this nap so bad. And it's quiet and lovely and I am happy even though I am ridiculously tired.

We absolutely love her.

Little Rand?

See those little teeth? Yeah, they are razor sharp and she bites me with them when we nurse during the day. At night, however, she nurses like a champ. Part of the problem??
She's off!

Arm Update

Thursday was Wyatt's follow-up appointment with the Orthopedist to get his cast. It had been a little over 3 days since he broke it and he was feeling much better....and anxious for his cast!

We got there and waited and waited and finally went back. They x-rayed him again and then we waited some more. When the doctor came in she said a little more of the same and then dropped the bomb on him that he would have to wait for his cast. He was pretty sad about that. The "cast" that they put on his arm at the hospital is intended to be temporary and so it is wrapped and wrapped underneath and then hard cast strips lay across the bottom and top of his arm over his elbow so he can't move his elbow out of that position. Then it is wrapped and wrapped again with ace bandage. It is heavy and hot and bulky. The doctor said she thought it was probably still swollen and a new cast would quickly become too big. She also said that if she casted him then she would want to put it up over his elbow because it really needs to stay immobilized. If we wait, the swelling will be gone and she will probably be able to put the cast below his elbow. We were bummed, but knew it was best. We go back on Tuesday for more x-rays and hopefully a new cast then. She said she will want to x-ray once a week to make sure the break doesn't "fall apart" and that it all heals just right. Wyatt is being a trooper and we are discovering lots he can do with just one arm!

Playing Angry Birds is something you can do with just one hand!
Glad we weren't there for a knee replacement!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I was just saying recently that it feels like the boys' rough-housing has gone up a few levels. They are bigger and louder and so much rougher. There is no stopping it. I stay out of it, I yell at them to stop, I redirect with other activities, but they are boys and they play hard (see previous posts of Brendan's summer injuries). :)
So after dinner last night they were doing crazy things in their nice clean room where there was all kinds of floor space. There was launching going on. (One person lays on their back and the other person sits on that person's feet. The "launcher" shoots the person through the air.) Wyatt was flung and he landed on his side right on top of his left arm. I hope that I forget the screams that he made because they were horrifying. I had no idea what I was going to see when I went in there. He had on a baggy shirt and said he couldn't move his arm. My stomach sank because I wasn't sure I could handle a dislocated shoulder. He pointed to the spot and I pulled up his sleeve. Just above his wrist things were definitely not right. When I was 7 I broke my arm in a similar way in a similar spot. I was sure it was broken. I told Rand to go figure out where we were taking him and I called my sister to come over NOW!...which she did. And then I gave Wyatt 2 Motrin (smartest thing I did).
My poor husband. He does not tolerate his children being seriously hurt very well. Both this time and when Brendan about knocked out his tooth, he came "this" close to throwing up and passing out. He figured everything out on the computer (I think it helped keep his head in the game). I iced the arm and got things set up for the "babysitter". Then Rand and I took Wyatt to the ER. Poor, sweet little Wyatt. He just kept wishing it was a dream and that it wasn't really happening. They got him in, took some pictures and sent us home in a giant splint and a little sling. We have a couple days to wait for the swelling to go down and then we will go get a cast that will stay on for the next 4 weeks or so. He's doing great and we are so glad it was his left arm and not his right, although it still going to affect his abilities in his karate, gymnastics and keyboarding classes. grrrrr.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Mummies

Happy Halloween from 4 mummies!!! This year I was thinking simple, cheap and reusable. So we went with the reusable long underwear look. Already had some face paint and tied them up with cheese cloth scraps. We went to our community group for a chili cook off and trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. We got a nice window where it wasn't pouring down rain, but I still opted to stay inside with the littlest mummy. And now we have a years supply of candy...or as Brendan says, "This should last us 2 whole weeks!!!"