Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Here

You'd think I'd have a ton to write about just having moved across the country to a new place. Sadly, I can't really think of anything to say. I know many of you are wondering how it is going, so I will try to oblige. Mostly I am just trying to get adjusted. Searching....once again.....for "normal". I think one of the ways I do that is just by laying low and processing quietly. I usually have to force myself out of that little rut eventually but I can definitely see a pattern in all of it. Mostly, I would have to say things are going great. I don't really have my bearings quite yet, but that will come. I went grocery shopping today. I consider that an accomplishment.
Rand is loving his job.....all 3 days of it so far. :) And even better, he is at a Philly's game with a new friend tonight.
Yesterday I got to go to Lancaster...I think. At least we were close. Saw lots of Amish buggies driving around. It was super cool. I think I secretly want to be Amish. :) I like the simplicity, back-to-the-basics kind of lifestyle. We picked up some apples, tomatoes and the most gorgeous mums you have ever seen...for pennies I might add....okay, more like dollars. That was fun.
We have a nice, furnished apartment to stay in temporarily and I am hoping to start looking around for a more permanent place soon. The kids are loving what kids love most...playing! The best part is that it is cool and not a scorching 105 degrees and there is lots and lots and lots of grass.
Oh, and I'm still trying to decide on a new name for the blog-a-roo.....
I've only taken a couple pictures so here's what I have.

Brendan up a tree. He's been wanting to climb trees for a long time!

The Arch at Valley Forge Park

One of those little cabin thingys

Valley Forge Park

Warwick County Park (according to the kids you can't call it a park unless it has a playground)


A new friend, Matthew, taste-testing the apples

Amish horse and buggy

A house we're considering.


Carol said...

That is some beautiful country out there. Your so lucky....although its beautiful here in Northern Idaho too, I have always wanted to go there.


Jaynee~ said...

What a beautiful place to be Kaylee. If you can't have the Pacific Northwest, you've come pretty close.
Lauree and I got to go to Lancaster as part of her 8th grade WA DC trip. Such a beautiful place. And I agree, the Amish life is so appealing and can teach us so much.
I'm glad Rand is loving his job and that the boys are having fun in the grass and trees! What about Sammy? Is the little pup making the adjustment alright?

As far as the new blog name goes...I'm still liking your mom's suggestion.

Loving you and praying as always,

Maureen said...

I've been following your journey with delight, the kids look like they are having so much fun! Your photographic skills are fabulous, capturing the enchantment and joy. I miss you guys. It looks like everything you need for happiness is with you!! Love, Maureen.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, looks like the Amish would be doing even better if they were fishing, not driving buggies.
Uncle Bubba

Amy said...

Glad you're settling in! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! I secretly want to be Amish too. Aimee B.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Congrats on making to the grocery store. :) Can we do something together soon?

joleen said...

The conference center where you are staying has so many places to go and be quiet. I hope you will find peace and serenity out on one of their porches or walking in the woods behind your building.