Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kansas, Missouri, Illinois

Another day done. More than half way now! We are currently in Vandalia, Illinois. Today was great. Easy traveling, well behaved children....and an extra driver! We had more traffic today than we have had on the trip so far, but we went through some major cities and there were a few construction delays so I guess that's expected. We started out in Wichita, drove to Kansas City, drove right through St. Louis at rush hour and stopped for the night in Vandalia just in time for dinner!
Here's some pics! Pennsylvania here we come!

Now this looks like Kansas!

Poor Jojee has a cold. :(


The Missouri River

Gateway to the.....East (for us)

The Mississippi River!

Welcome to Illinois


Anonymous said...

Looks like you should have stopped and done some fishing. Keep up the good traveling.
Uncle Bubba

Joleen said...

I just feel like crying I'm so excited about you getting here. Your pictures and blog are so awesome. I am so thankful the boys are handling all this and your dog! Wow! Don't ya wonder what it's thinkin?

rachel said...

Personally, I think you should turn around and come back to Kansas. :)