Thursday, September 18, 2008

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

Wow. Today felt long. We didn't start driving until 8:30 and then we quickly lost an hour when we crossed into Indiana. We are officially on East Coast time! The boys were a little more antsy today, but not bad. Unfortunately, we ended the day with Brendan getting a bout of food poisoning. From fruit...we're pretty sure. The lady told us she thought the fruit was bad so she brought it out for us to decide whether we wanted it or not...and sure enough, it looked pretty bad. Brendan tried a piece and said it tasted kind of bad, but he still wanted it. I said no way, and he got fries instead. That one little rotten grape did a real number on his tummy about 6 hours later. Sadly he missed out on swimming with me and Wyatt and Jojee (her real name is Joanna in case you were wondering). And Rand got to deal with the big throw up that happened after we left for the pool. Brennie had a nice warm bath and is feeling much better now. He's bummed about missing out on the late night swim though.
So, the scenery is looking a lot more Pennsylvania-ish and we have just one more full day of driving. I'm hoping to get there before dark. We shall see.

Don't you just love wireless Internet in hotel rooms!?

Here's some pics from can tell we are starting to feel a little kooky. :)

Wow! This was a REALLY big cross that just appeared out of nowhere. It was right next to a church. Didn't catch the name. I was just staring at the huge cross!
The Birthday Boy!

A little friend who has been enjoying the trip with Wyatt
And another new friend, who joined the trip in Wichita
Just snapping pictures due to sheer boredom
Me......NOT driving!

Joanna....driving, but not looking at the road

Wyatt...a little worried about the two operating the vehicle

Getting greener......


Amy said...

Glad you guys are having a relatively uneventful trip! I keep thinking about you!

Mama Amy said...

Kaylee, Yea that you're almost here! (and hallelujah that all that driving is almost over... I can't imagine that trip with my kids ... glad yours are so well behaved. My Audrey asks how much longer when we go to the MALL!) We have been praying for you guys. Have a safe last day of driving. Is it weird that I feel like we kind of know you already?? Guess blogs help with all that! Amy

Anonymous said...

I am worried about you and Joanna pulling a trailer, so Wyatt is definitely trusting his gut. Now remember when you get there immediately ask about fishing opportunities. Always the important things first.
Uncle Bubba