Monday, September 8, 2008

A Shower for Rachel!

Before I tell you about the shower, I just have to brag.....
Right now it is 10:00am and I am still in my PJ's sitting outside on the patio at my parent's house, sipping coffee and soaking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery and weather. It is awesome!...and quiet. I love quiet. Phoenix is not a very quiet place. Even the sun feels loud there!
Ahhhhhhhh. (That's what my body is saying right now)

So the shower yesterday was lots of fun. We played a couple low-key games (I'm not a huge fan of "shower" games, but ours were pretty fun) and Rachel made out like a bandit with some of the most ridiculously CUTE girl stuff. I can't WAIT for a little girl in our family of little boys. It's going to be so fun. I sure hope that ultrasound didn't miss something. Oh well if it did. We love little boys too!
Here's some pics of the shower. I'm so blessed to be able to be here for this.Even though we live far apart and I really hate flying, I'm so glad I can fly and get together with people I love and miss.
Love you Rach. Can't wait to see "baby girl"!!


Anonymous said...

I am sure my little girl will look great in fishing clothes. Girls are always lucky when it comes to fishing.
Uncle Bubba

Jaynee~ said...

It was a fun baby shower! Especially when "I" won a prize!! haha.
And Royal, you won't be disappointed! (even if you have to wait a bit)
Thanks Kaylee and Joanna for such a nice afternoon. And Thanks Rachel, for that precious little (big) bump in your belly!
I Love The "CUTE" Girls!!!