Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas

We've made our first major leg of the journey. We're in Kansas!!! Today we are just hangin' out with my sister and her fam. in Wichita.
All day Saturday we packed and cleaned and packed and cleaned. Into the afternoon they kept calling me out to the garage to decided what would stay because it was definitely NOT fitting on the truck. Finally we decided to get a trailor for my car to pull. We still didn't get to take the patio furniture, but it will have a nice home with my sister-in-law....who majorly helped with our packing. Thanks June! A few bookshelves went to her house too. So here's some pics of Day 0 (before we left!)

After a whole day of packing (and playing outside) the kids were dirtier than I think they have ever been. We drove our trucks to Rand's dad's house and showered, had dinner and got a good nights sleep. We were all in bed by 9!
Sunday morning, after some tearful goodbyes, we hit the road. 7:30 and we were driving. North on I-17 to Flagstaff and then EAST on I-40. It took us 12 hours to get to Santa Rosa, New Mexico. We stopped, stayed the night and hit the road again Monday morning. Monday we started off in New Mexico, crossed into Texas, crossed into Oklahoma and then crossed into Kansas. We got to my sisters house just in time for a home cooked dinner! Then kids (and the dog) ran like crazy!

The kids are doing awesome! Every stop we switch who gets to ride in the truck with Dad. It is still their favorite place to be. The truck is so high and they get to ride in the front so they are loving that. They really have been so good.....so far. When we stop for the day they are pretty wound up, but that's to be expected. Today is a perfect day to take a break. My other sister is flying into Wichita this afternoon and it should really help speed things up once she is on the road with us. Our stops take a long time because we have to make sure everything is set up before we start driving. With Jojee riding along we'll be able to start a movie while driving! Not to mention it will safer for the driver to NOT be taking pictures. :)
Just thought I'd post an update. We're having a little party for Wyatt today for his birthday that is on Thursday. And tomorrow we'll be on our way to Illinois!

More pictures of scenary taken from inside the car while driving down the road! I promise. I was safe. I had to get some of this for the memory books!

New Mexico _________________________________From the side mirror

New Mexico....again________________________ A cemetary-this one's for you Dad

What the heck? ______________________This was a field of....beef. Texas, of course

Clearly tornado damage. We're in Kansas now!!!

I think this used to be a lush forrest.__________Storytime with the infamous Uncle Bubba!


Anonymous said...

The kids are definitely playing well together. Now only if we were going fishing. Nice pics.
Uncle Bubba

Jaynee~ said...

I love your "stories in pictures"! Except they made me a little tearful. Something about little boys in moving trucks just gets me all sentimental about how big they will be the next time I see them. I KNOW I can't convice Lauree to go to college clear back in PA just to be near you. I had a chance in AZ. But we are hoping for a trip to WA DC/NYC next year. It would be real easy to stop by for a visit in PA.

We'll keep praying for the rest of your trip. Love you tons!

Jessie said...

Love the post. But you're moving even...further...away...

Greg said...

Oklahoma? You were in Oklahoma and you didn't stop here? What is up with that?


The Raudenbush Family said...

Glad to see a picture of Uncle Bubba... :)

And, glad to see you are slowly but surely getting closer to Phoenixville, PA!!

Do you guys celebrate Halloween? I know it's an odd question to ask...but you could tell your kids that Phoenixville has a fun Halloween parade in town where there is oodles of candy to be collected!