Saturday, May 23, 2009


Behind our house is a bunch of garages. Basically it is a small storage facility business owned by our landlords. It's not too much trouble for us to have people accessing their "junk" in their garages every once in a while, but I would say it is the biggest downfall to this house. However, the large paved area in the back is AWESOME for bike riding. The road in the front is rather busy, so I am grateful for the huge amount of space we can use in the back for all sorts of things. Yesterday, Wyatt decided he was ready to try NO training wheels. He did great, but one little wobble and he was ready for them to be back on. (So different from Brendan who was determined as all get out to ride a two wheeler and conquered the task in just a few tries before he was 4). With the training wheels off yesterday, Brendan decided that Wyatt's bike was going to act as his "trick" bike. Always taking things to the next level, that Brennie!

Good job, Wyatt!!


rachel said...

Good job Wyatt! Jayden won't even attempt to ride his bike with training wheels on it! :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

That play area rules at your house! And, none of my kids are willing to try without training wheels yet. I'm impressed!

Krisy said...

A trick bike? Oh Lord. Good job Wyatt!

Anonymous said...

I think that the boys should put down the bikes and use that hula-hoop for practicing casting, just layout the hoop and have them try to land their lure in the hoop. Good casting is essential to catching fish. As for coming in July, as soon as the state of Pennsylvania gets the ticks under control we are there. I wuold suggest talking to your state representatives.
Uncle Bubba