Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sea Isle City, NJ

Over the long weekend, Rand and I (and the kids of course) got to go to the shore for the first time. Thanks to a friend of a friend we got a serious hook-up and a 2-night stay at someones beach house, just a block from the beach. It. Was. Awesome! It's been a while since the kiddos have been to the beach. Westport, WA, Summer 2006 was probably the last time. I'm sure Wyatt doesn't remember and Brendan only remembers a bit. They were excited and a little nervous about what the beach would hold. Mostly, we talked about sharks all the way there.

For Rand and I, it was our very first look at the Atlantic Ocean. I grew up in a West Coast State and spent most of my Spring vacations with my family on the Oregon Coast. Rand and I went to college in L.A. and spent our entire college experience exploring Southern California beaches. I've known nothing else as far as beaches go, except for a 3 month adventure in Hawaii and 3 months in the Philippines. Those beaches almost didn't even feel real to me. I didn't think much about the comparison because there wasn't any. Those were tropical islands. My beaches at home were the "real" beaches.
Enter East Coast beach experience:

SOO, all that to say that this weekend was trippy for me to be standing on a beach on the EAST coast. I guess I didn't realise how much I used "the beach" (on the West) as my point of reference. The ocean (W), Mt. Rainier (E...most of the time), Canada (N) and California (S). That's how I always knew where I was. Staring out at the Atlantic Ocean....besides knowing the sun would never be setting on that great big ocean....just thinking about Europe on the other side...or that South was actually to my right....felt soooo weird.

This, my friends, is EAST.................................................And this, is looking towards home, WEST.

Rand and I went for a walk on the boardwalk one night around sunset. It was so bizarre. I kept finding myself wanting to look toward the sunset and realizing it wasn't that great of a view...and then back to the ocean...and something just seemed missing. I was looking for all that color to be on the water...for the hot, firey sun, melting into the cold blue ocean. Not so much. The ocean just slowly faded away without much color at all and it was almost as if the sun was running from it in the opposite direction.

In defense of the beautiful East Coast....the mornings on the beach were magical. The ocean was practically alive with sparkly color. Intense, bright, excitement all over the surface of the water. It was definitely a different feeling than a West Coast morning on the beach.

The kids were a fury of excitement the entire time. The water was cold, just like in Washington. Once you were numb, it was quite enjoyable. The air was warm on Sunday and Monday so the boys spent a lot of time playing in the ocean. Brendan, Mr. No Fear, grabbed a board and hit the waves without an ounce of hesitation. Wyatt followed suit, like he does. It was hilarious when Wyatt realized the water was salty. I'm surprised he didn't gag and throw up (that's what he does).
*Side note about barf: Wyatt recently barfed up his entire (non digested) hot dog into the bath tub the other day because he saw snot come out of Brendan's nose. It took 5 min. for him to stop throwing up. I could write a book about Wyatt and his gag reflex!

So we had a lot of fun. I found myself quite grateful that God has given me opportunities to do new expand my horizons (even when the sun doesn't set where I think it should). Often, throughout the weekend, I found myself saying, "We're in New Jersey. NEW JERSEY!!!!" I just never thought I would be here. I mean, why would I? Yet here I am. Exploring new places.
Jersey Shore. Check!

This is for Uncle Bubba! (fishing at sunset. pretty anti-climactic don't you think?)


Mama Amy said...

It's interesting, Kaylee, because I have only been to the Atlantic Ocean, so all the things you found "backward" never even occurred to me as being backward (ie the sun setting in the wrong place, etc). In these parts, you get up early to go watch the sun rise over the ocean! :) (Not that I ever do that, I am so not a morning person ...) Glad you guys got to experience it.

Nichole said...

Kaylee - this is great! Our family LOVES Sea Isle CIty!!! Wonderful post, enjoyed the photos... So, can you give me the name and contact of that "hook up" person for that beach house?? lol - so glad you guys had a nice get a way!!!

Have to tell my hubby to hurry up and schedule our next visit to the beach now. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great vacation. The pictures are great and Kaylee you paint great word pictures. I really would like to see and experience it all for myself. Someday! Love you all, The Marshmellow.

Staci said...

What great photos!

I've never thought of things appearing backwards, since I've always been on the east coast. But it looks like a fun trip either way!

nana aka mom said...

What a wonderful wonderful much to see, so much to do....your first sunrise over the Atlantic...the boys first Atlantic ocean swim....your pictures are beyond beautiful, your story priceless....I'm glad you have another great's so east coast!....what a girl you bless my heart...thank you so much for your faithfulness to's great to know the sun that rises over your ocean and shines on you is the same one that shines on us here....

Anonymous said...

Kaylee, Your discription is pricleless. I had those thoughts when I was first at the other side of the States. We take so much for granted and how wonderfull God made the earth. He continues to reveale it to us. I love all the pictures, it makes it seem like your closer - just need to get my hands on you, Rand, and the boys.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Great usual. Come on, morning person, get out to the beach at 5:30 and watch it come alive with color! Hot dog story...yuck. SOO glad you guys joined the Y and can enjoy some summer fun there with us this summer! Apparently, the boys were already making plans with Ashlyn last night. She told me about it this morning already.

Krisy said...

I love it Kaylee! I read your story and I can totally hear your voice and laugh in my head. Congratulations on finding another cool place. What a blessing you are to me and others. You're a great example of being a faithful wife, momma, and Christ follower.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time, the boys definitely seemed to enjoy themselves. As for the guy fishing, he was not wearing chest waders while fishing in the ocean, that shows his lack of experience or dedication to his craft. You always wear chest waders so that you can wade out and cast further offshore. Rookie.
Uncle Bubba

Carolann said...

Oh Kaylee this was such an awesome post. I hope one day we could get over there to the "east" coast too.

lady steel said...

I have lived here for like four years and have not been there yet. You're way ahead of me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaylee,
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about Sea Isle City to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you soon!