Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A New Skirt and a Yucky Eye

**Updated at the bottom.

Well, it is no longer summer here. Rainy and dark as can be. It's alright though because there are plenty of things that I need to get done inside. Instead of doing any of the plethora of things I could have done indoors, I spent yesterday sewing. I made myself a skirt, just in case summer shows itself again sometime soon. I like it. I would like to find a much simpler pattern and make a whole bunch of summer skirts, but this one is pretty nice. Complete with lining and an invisible zipper. I know. Fancy.
Here's proof, although I don't think these are the greatest pictures. Maybe someday you'll see a picture of me wearing it.

I think the pictures make it look so simple. Basic A-line skirt. But believe me, there is nothing simple about Amy Butler patterns. Granted, I'm a beginner, so it's just my opinion. (I'm sure there are much more difficult things out there). You can see from my board I have a small collection of them. I shied away from this skirt because I made the little Stash & Dash bags once and let's just say there was a lot of stitch ripping that went on. And, no, I'm not going to tell you how many times I re-did the zipper on this skirt!

Onto the next thing.

Poor, poor Rand. Rand has severe HSV in his eye again. It's flash backs to last year, complete with stress, sick kids and a visit from Jojee. (Remember Jo, you visited us in Phoenix last year when Rand had this?!) Jojee is coming next week and guarantee, Rand will still be having problems. He went to the doctor yesterday and they said it looks bad and they referred him somewhere with the capability of doing a culture. The cornea specialist he went to couldn't do it. So he ends up downtown Philadelphia in the ER at the Wills Eye Institute. So from 2pm until about 8:30 they poked, prodded, scraped and looked at his poor eye. Yes, it looks like severe HSV (herpes simplex virus) but may also have a bacteria infection on top of it. I have linked a picture for all you curious-cats who really want to see what it looks like. The picture makes it look better than it looks in real life, but if you don't like yucky things, don't click on "Rand's eye". If you look at the picture you will notice there is a reflection from the window, but the rest of the grey, cloudy stuff is what they were taking a culture of yesterday. We have no idea what they were talking about most of the time but they said something about blood vessels coming into the cornea and it being pretty dense...which is a bad thing I guess. Worst case scenario he will have to have a cornea transplant and/or he could have damaged vision from now on.

In other news, the boys and I have already made chocolate covered pretzels this morning. I can tell it's going to be another day of putting off laundry and doing fun things instead! :)

**While I'm posting disgusting pictures of things. Here's a picture of the hole left in the back of Wyatt's head after I pulled a tick out the other night. Oh, and if you didn't know, Wyatt got a tick in the back of his head. Yes, it was absolutely disgusting. Yes, I called a friend in a panic. And NO, unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the actual bug in my child's head. Like I said, I was panicing a bit, and totally grossed out. I only took this picture because Wyatt wanted to see it because Brendan couldn't stop looking at it. So there ya go. :)


~C said...

love the skirt. :) i HATE sewing zippers. thinking about summer clothes too, just not sure how much of a patient person i am to actually follow through with the directions. cute fabrics too!

rachel said...

your skirt is super cute!!!! remember my birthday is just around the corner! :)

and rand's eye....DISGUSTING! that thing is sick! no wonder you have to have the curtains closed and lights turned down. i wouldn't want to look at that thing in "real" light either! :)

Jojee said...

Poor Rand. I'll have to bring him the eye patch that Rachel knit for Jon's eye. I cant wait to see you guys. I wish Rach was going to be there.=(

Anonymous said...

Poor Rand, I think he needs a nice day of fishing, it wont cure his eye but he would feel beeter, it works for me.

Uncle Bubba

Jaynee~ said...

Picture comments in order of appreciation:
#1)Skirt: well done and so cute!
#2)Pretzles: yum! fun trumps work always!
#3)Hole in head: yuck! poor wyatt.
#4)Rand's eye: double yuck!! i'm really sorry Rand, and will pray for you!

Anonymous said...

Super cute skirt kay!! I love you fabric, where did you find it? I sure hope your family is feeling better, maybe the chocolate dipped pretzels will help!
Love to you all!
Heidi Joy

The Raudenbush Family said...

I have a super cute kids skirt I bought recently that I'd love to duplicate--no zippers and no lining. We should try it one day. My sewing machine is misbehaving though. Maybe you can help it?

Cornea transplant??? Didn't hear that piece of the story. Hope it does not get to that point! Yikes!

Kayleigh said...

Love the fabric of this skirt!! I have floral printed skirt which got from Chadwicks..