Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little More Spring

We've been busy, and sick and trying to enjoy the great weather! Jojee has gone and Grandpa Mike has come and it feels like deep spring/early summer is in full swing!
We've had a string of colds (not me....yet!) but with Rand's eye and then 2 hacking, fevery, drippy kids I'm ready for some disinfecting and health.

**side note** did anyone else just notice the ridiculous amount of 's'-'ing' words I just used? 'spring', 'swing', 'string'? I'm leaving them. :)

The baby birds are almost full grown and are hopping around the shrub now. They aren't flying yet, but I suppose they will be off in no time!

I'm into cloth napkins right now and have been making a bunch for our summer picnicking. Actually they are by accident and came as the result of a big mess up on another project. Oh well. I like them and I enjoy looking at the cute fabric on a regular basis. I really need to make more because I am having a hard time wiping dirty fingers with them. I'm sure I'll like them more once we've broken them in.

Here's the babies, hoping I was there to feed them.

Hooray! Grandpa Mike is here. We have literally been counting down for something like 50 days.

Here's Rand. Feeling great by the way. Eyeball quite close to healed!

See? Wyatt's still not 100%. Poor thing. He's still keepin' up with the best of them though.

Remember when I was staring at this and dreaming?

This morning I was basking in this:

I've been thinking about that picture a lot lately as I lay in my hammock enjoying the warm breeze and the sound of birds and leaves and looking at the amazing colors. What a difference. What a difference time makes. In this case time equals life and color and noise. As time marches on it will be another season of bareness and lack of color and silence.

It's amazing to me that these are taken from the same place. A slightly different angle of the camera, but the same trees nonetheless. The same sky. Just on the cusp of summer, I have a hard time believing that by the end of summer I will actually welcome the change. But I always do. Something about the natural beat of the Earth...the rhythm God designed into the universe...keeps me anxiously anticipating the future. Even when the future holds unknowns and even barrenness. But right now I am enjoying this. Crisp blue mornings just before the heat of the day. Restful shade under perfectly situated tress. The ticks are slightly spoiling it for me and I am about to poison my yard (which I do not like doing) just to eliminate some of them. STILL, I am enjoying the now. Friends, family, little boys, little dogs, neighbors, bbqs, baby birds, picnic tables, cloth napkins. Spring.

Anyone else enjoying Spring as much as me??!?


rachel said...

Yea! Spring! And I love your alliteration if you really want to know. It's super special and sensational, must have something to do with the sweet spring season.

Royal and I are sitting on our porch at 8:45pm and it's still 80 degrees out. Springs here are like Washington summers and we are lovin' it! I love all the flowers blooming and the green leaves on the trees and even the somewhat annoying birds that are building a nest on my porch and keep trying to scare us off by fake dive-bombing us. It's awesome. :)

Jaynee~ said...

:) You said it all so well. Your appreciation and satisfaction of your surroundings simply makes me smile. :)

Nichole said...

I love all of your photos Kaylee... I really need to enjoy the outdoors myself like NOW!

appreciate your comment on my blog - I'm just venting in bloggerspace its my only outlet at moment - glad everyone is enjoying it so far... feel free to add me to your list if you're interested in following me - I added you :) no pressure.

Krisy said...


Anonymous said...

I would enjoy spring more if I was in Washington catching spring chinook, not here in Kansas where it will be way too hot and way too muggy very soon. Yesterday was nice though. Side note, if I had a tick issue like yours I would rip up my grass and put in a basketball court. No grass, no ticks, no problems.
Uncle Bubba

Mama Amy said...

hmmm... after being at your house on Mother's day, my kids both were feverish, coughing, runny noses... tis the season I guess!! :) Guess they just shared the love with each other!!! Glad you're enjoying this refreshing season (after a long dark winter!) I am enjoying it too, I just wish I had more energy to be out there doing "springy" kind of stuff...