Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Brother Brendan

This boy LOVES being a big brother. He really kind of drives me crazy how into Easton he is. "Can I hold him? Can I get him out of his bouncy chair? Can I hold him in the pool?" On and on. I find myself saying, "Um, no, just leave him. He's happy right there." And then a minute later, "Um, no, he's fussy, I'm going to hold him." Now that Easton is a little bit tougher and holding his body better, I let Brendan hold him and pick him up more. If Easton weighed 5 lbs less, it would be an easier task for Brennie-boy, but no. My 17+ pound child (I wonder if he isn't getting closer to 20# !) is a bit of a load for big brother. Brendan picks him up, carries him for about 10 seconds and then he is grunting and saying, "okay, okay, you take him." It's entertaining, except when I'm trying to get something done.
Easton loves the attention and it all keeps him quite entertained. Seriously, having three is so much easier than having 1.

Wyatt is a great big brother, too! He doesn't even try to lift Easton, though. :)

Oh, and after editing this post, I'm wondering if horizontal stripes aren't the best choice for my poor babe. :)


The Raudenbush Family said...

I love him in stripes. :) Brendan and Ashlyn are still the perfect pair--you should see her with Lydia. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Easton should have fish on his shirts.
Uncle Bubba