Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mario's First Blood

I apologize for the title. Wyatt himself named it and he often goes by the name "Mario" these days. We had an adventure last night! Let me start from the beginning....

I spent the majority of the day trying to get the kitchen cleaned up. It took me all. day. By the time it was cleaned up, it was time for making dinner. Of course, I had a really messy dinner planned. Carne Asada Tacos with all the toppings. So I made a huge, huge mess. :) It was delicious. Often times, since having Easton and Rand working more, the dishes wait until the kids have gone to bed. After dinner Rand plays with the big boys, and I'm on fussy Easton duty. Last night, the big boys decided to play a little Pictionary Jr. before jumping in the pool. Swimming is almost always included with the evening activities. I called my mom while I bounced around the house with E-boy. After a while I see the boys all getting out of the pool and Wyatt was crying. Not a huge surprise. If anyone is going to be crying it is Wyatt. He's just more sensitive and cries the most easily. I figured he was just mad about something. Rand pokes his head in and asks me to get off the phone because Wyatt got hurt and he needs help. I grab some paper napkins and go check it out. His chin was all bloody. I wrapped him up and brought him in to lay down on the couch so I could look at it better. Yep. It was split right open. I was sure it needed a stitch or two to get it back together to heal right. Apparently Wyatt jumped into the pool, from the edge, feet first, but he jumped towards the ramp that is at the shallow end of the pool. Smacked his chin right on the ramp. Ouch!
So Rand gets on the computer to figure out which closest hospital is also insurance compatible while I get Wyatt dressed and as much food off the table and in the fridge as I can before we rush out.....all while holding fussy Easton. Have I mentioned he's gotta be 20 lbs? My back is killing me.
As luck would have it, I managed to shatter a bottle of apple cider vinegar all over the floor while I'm doing all this. Fantastic! So I put Brendan on Fussy Easton duty while I tried cleaning it up really fast. Grabbed the mop and got the glass, and out the door we went. I smelled awesome I might add.
So we got there. It was fast and easy. The nurses looked at it, put a bandage on with numbing medicine for about 30 mins. Doctor came in and looked at it. Decided he could just glue it back together and no stitches were needed. Wyatt was really brave and really happy to not have to get "strings". No getting his face wet for 5 days though! You'd think the story was over, but no. Instead we came home at 9:30pm to a house reeking of vinegar, a really sticky kitchen floor and massive amounts of dishes to do. I got Easton to bed and then got to work. Went to bed at 11.
I'm hoping for a better day today.
OH! I have pictures! No, I didn't think to take my camera, but my phone worked just fine!


Cousin Jayden said...

"ooooooh, wyyyyaaaat! ouchie! oh gosh! wyatt, wyatt, wyyyyyyatt!"

dear wyatt : you got a scrape on your chin.

dear brennie : good thing for laying on the bed with wyatt when they glued him back together. and now you have to let wyatt hang out with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wyatt! What a brave boy! I would have cried too if it happened to me. You have such a great big brother to be there with you through the whole thing. I can't wait for you to come so we can have a family swimming party in the lake. See you soon!! Love your Great Aunt Marshmellow.

mom aka nana said...

wonderful precious little i love them all....wish i was there to hug wyatt....i mean glad they could "glue him back together!" now brennie and wyatt both have hospital stories :)

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that you get a scar Wyatt. They tell a great story and chicks dig them. I have a few scars, one from fishing even, and I love them all.
Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh wow. What a night. I'm trying to picture the scene of the fussy E-man and Wyatt crying and then the vinegar breaking. I think I would have started crying myself. I applaud you for keeping it together. Glad they were able to glue it.