Sunday, July 18, 2010


News Flash: It's hot here. We are smack dab in the middle of summer. It's hot. 112 today. The humidity is up. I know 40% doesn't sound like much humidity to my Kansas and Pennsylvania friends, but when you're used to 4 or 6% humidity you can really tell a difference. I do NOT want to go outside. I don't even want to go out to the garage. It's just no fun when it's this hot. I try to think of it like winter in the NW. It's no fun going out and about in the's just the opposite time of year (I personally think I can tolerate rain better than heat). So we stay in more and get out the art supplies. Gotta get creative because we can only draw so many Star Wars pictures. So I found some ideas on The Crafty Crow and we got to work.

First we made some "color cakes". I've got to think of another name for them because the name implies that they are food, and they are not. Color discs or something. We have lots of broken, used up crayons and this was a fun thing to do with them. I got an old muffin tin at GoodWill to use for this purpose.

Wyatt thinks they're really cool
Good for little hands and good for rubbings!

Then, we did some marble paintings...except as it turns out I don't have a single marble. So we improvised and painted with little plastic balls instead. I want to try this project on a much bigger scale...outside...when the weather is better.


Bekki said...

You should call them color wheels. :) Here is a link to another cool art project you might want to try. I have it down for us to do this year. Its a good use for corn suryp.

rachel said...

I like the marble painting! we should do some of those when we get to washington! then after my children take the paint balls and rub them all over their bodies, i can just throw them in the lake!

Anonymous said...

This just gave me an idea for an art project with the fish we are going to catch in Washington (Hopefully).
Uncle Bubba

Lacie said...

These are totally cool! I always wonder what to do with all the broken crayons.