Friday, July 16, 2010

The What-If Game

We made up a game several years ago.  It's a car game. If you know us, we've spent a good chunk of time riding in the car with our little ones. As soon as Brendan started with the endless questions (maybe around 3 years old) this game was born. We still play it. It's fun to play even without the kids. Ya when life is hard and you're tired of talking about it and stressing about it....insert the What-If game.
It's really simple. We go around the car, taking turns coming up with the most ridiculous "what-if" scenarios you can imagine.

For example, one from last night that I loved was from Brendan. "What if.....bunches of worms fell from the sky and when they hit the ground.... they started dancing!"
..And then we all oooo and awwww about how awesome that would be.

Next person.

Wyatt: "What if the whole world was jell-o?"

oooooo, that would be so cool!

-What if the ocean was a giant bowl of cheerios and the beach was a huge doughnut!?

-What if when we got home our house was full of water and we had to swim to our room and sleep on our floating beds!?

-What if the moon was the eyeball of a giant robot!?

-What if that mountain was a giant firework!?

-What if the sun came on like a light switch!?

-What if we could run as fast as our car!?

Go ahead. Try it! It's fun. :)


rachel said...

What if every time your phone rang skittles came shooting out of it?

What if food cooked itself and put itself on the table? - that would be awesome! :):):):)

Anonymous said...

What if when we are all in Washington together we did nothing but fish, that would be awesome.
Uncle Bubba