Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poor Little Lizard

My kitchen has a huge window that overlooks the back patio and pool. So while I do dishes and get dinner ready I am often lifeguarding the big boys at the same time. Yesterday they were running around the pool (not swimming) pretending to be Mario and Luigi (their latest obsession thanks to a new Nintendo game someone special sent them in the mail). They were wearing crazy get-ups including rubber gloves. I was watching, making sure no one fell and bonked their heads on their way into the pool while they were running...I mean dashing... from one mushroom to another. Well I looked up and Brendan was standing in front of the window, dripping wet, holding this:

Good thing he already had on some rubber gloves! This little guy was at the bottom of the pool. He's actually the second one we've found. I figure a bird probably dropped him in the wrong spot! Luigi to the rescue!...except he was already dead. Poor little lizard!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like fish bait to me.
Uncle Bubba