Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post-Baby Sewing!

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Well, I think I just used my sewing machine for the first time yesterday since Easton was born. I got it out because we just don't have enough soft flannel baby wipes. I'm always out! So I ripped out something flannel that we aren't using and got to work on more wipes. While I was sewing away, I was thinking about my friend who is in the hospital with a very sick baby. I was thinking about the little guy fighting to gain weight and praying and wishing I could help or at least send flowers or something. And then I thought, 'Why don't I make some flowers?' So I put my boring wipes to the side and started making some flowers. I had a pretty good idea in my mind what I wanted to create, but a lot of times those are the worst to make happen. Better to come across a good idea and re-create it than try and make what is in my mind come to life. (At least for me it is) But, I think these turned out pretty good. Good enough to give, if you know what I mean. I used scrap fabric, buttons, wooden skewers, an apple juice jar and lid (I just knew these would come in handy someday...I have a hard time throwing away those cute glass jars!), and some sand that I had collected who knows when, from who knows where. **I have to apologize to Rand right here for making him pack that bag of sand around for the last 3 years. My craft box was much lighter after I took it out! I found some really cute rocks that I'm still hanging on to also, they're pretty heavy. Sorry Rand!!! :)


rachel said...

those are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Next time go with a fish theme.
Uncle Bubba

Kristi said...

So cute. So sweet. So perfect. I'll be praying!

Krisy said...

sheesh. cute.

The Raudenbush Family said...

You are disgustingly clever. They are adorable.