Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chicken Chronicles::Vol. 11 (The Best Pets)

Our 4 chickens have been the best pets. We have all loved them. Rand has sort of loved them. They were impossible to keep off our patio because I insisted on letting them run around wherever they wanted. They made a royal mess on the patio and it was a real pain trying to keep it clean. I loved watching them run around the yard and chase bugs and fight over fruit and take dirt baths. Not to mention the daily supply of eggs...even if one of them hid them from me most of the time.

I loved these 4 ladies and that is why it was so sad for us to let them go to a loving home who wasn't going to truck them north and then probably provide them to raccoons for supper in their not-so predator safe coop. We are already making lists of names for our new flock that we have planned. And believe me. There will be more than 4! :)


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you had to let them go but I am sure they will be happier staying in AZ. They probably wouldn't like the rain and cold because they are Arizona chickens and used to the sun and heat. I am sure you have come up with some really great chicken names and maybe a duck name or two also?? Your mom and I need to start a list of goat names!!!!! Love from The Great Marshmellow.

Rachel said...

good-bye little chickens!

Anonymous said...

Let the chickens go, but keep the fish.
Uncle Bubba

leslee aka mom aka nana said...

i love those chickens! i had no idea chickens were so wonderful but when i move to the 40 acres aka Chick 'N Berry Farm, I'm going to have lots of chickens! and a couple of goats and a couple of alpacas (those are for you Rachel - at least their hair/fur)....I have lots of plans and dreams and chickens and little kids are all part of it!