Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ghostly Feet and a Scarf

I have taken one major hiatus from my crafty side. I'm blaming it on a very active 18 month old (I need to blog that!) and a very tiring pregnancy. But it's least it is supposed to be....and my instinct to hunker down indoors and do fall cleaning, cooking, and crafting is kicking in (despite our summer temperatures). I actually got my sewing machine out! It's been a while. I made a scarf, inspired by this girl who found the easy breezy pattern here. I had a white jersey knit sheet that I had saved (to Rand's dismay) just sure I would find some way to re purpose it. And so part of it has turned into a scarf. And it was easy. No finished edges, just whipped together.

Then this other girl said she was doing this project and I ran right out and did my own version of it that very day. And I love it! Doing projects on canvas just makes them 10 times better. I've got lots of other ideas up my sleeve along the same lines.

Up next, Halloween pillow cases (I even left my sewing machine out!)


Krisy said...

I sooooo love them both!

Rachel said...

i like your crafty side. keep it up! i love your ghostly-feet!

Anonymous said...

I just love those ghost feet!!!! They are kind of marshmellow like!!

Anonymous said...

Can you make fish from feet?

Uncle Bubba