Monday, October 10, 2011

Weighing Pros and Cons

The job hunt. What can I say? We have been determined to stay here. Unlike other past job hunts, Rand has kept his resume here, in the Valley....right where we are, knowing we have a bit of time to figure it out and find something that will work. We have driven all over town dropping off resumes and there are the multiple online searches a day looking for what is new in both of Rand's career fields (funeral service and ministry). Nothing.

The only other place we occasionally check is Washington because deep down we've always thought eventually we'd go back there for good. Well, let's be honest...Rand started dreaming about living in our house here forever, but not me. It's for this small town girl. But I have been more than willing. Anyhoo, Rand knows my dream and so in the search that has been bringing up nothing he has also looked in Washington just to see if there is anything. Recently a job came up within his company (SCI) and he made a call about it. Turns out he went to mortuary school with the manager there who is hiring. There was an interview on the phone and then they asked him to fly up to continue the conversation. He spent last weekend in Olympia checking it out. It went well. And now we are left with a really hard decision.

At night I panic and say, "No. We just can't. We have to stay here. But there's nothing else. We are running out of time." And then in the morning I feel really good and think, "No problem. I'm okay with this. We can do it. It will work out just fine."

So I have been making lists and lists of pros and cons. There's a lot of things on both sides. Here's a few of the majors:

Pro: Hey! It's a job offer! That's more than we can say for any other leads we have followed.
Con: It would mean moving again.

Pro: The job pays more, involves more (kind of a promotion), has the opportunity for overtime if desired, bonuses, is a "transfer" within his company so he keeps all his vacation, 401K, etc., is at one of the nicest funeral homes in the area, and is in Olympia (close to my family) and hello?? it's the Northwest. :)
Con: The compensation is more than he makes now, but is nothing to write home about.

Pro: We can stay here until we are ready to come. They are flexible as far as when we have to be there and start.
Con: uh, we are having a baby. Move soon? (NO!) Move after the baby is born? (NO!)

Pro: Living close to my Mom, Dad and Sister would be great help not to mention friends and other family we have missed for almost 5 years now! (Can you believe Brendan was 3 and Wyatt was Easton's age when we left?!?!)
Con: Our family here is great help too. Not to mention the friends we would miss terribly and would be saying goodbye to for the second time.

Pro: I prefer NW weather and really hate summer here (basically May-October)
Con: It rains there a LOT...and while I like the rain and grew up there and what not...I really enjoy winters here (basically November-April)...even though it's not really winter and I miss true seasons.

Pro: We have some property there that has always been a dream to eventually get on and grow our own food and run through the woods, etc.
Con: We have a house here and we aren't sure the best move with that (keep it as a rental and find someone to manage it for us? Get out at all costs and not deal with the headache? List our house now and deal with showings?)

These are just a few of the issues racing through my head all the time. I'm hoping that by writing it down I can get it out of my mind and get on with...I don't know...schooling the children, growing a baby, doing my chores, etc. :)

In my gut I feel kind of excited about it. Olympia feels like "home" to me and I can see us there very easily. The job is a really good job and I think Rand could really thrive there. The idea of moving doesn't stress me out all that much this time around and if we hadn't done it so much recently I probably wouldn't hesitate for a minute.
At the end of the day it comes down to what it has come down to every time we've done it. It's a job. It pays. And what other choice do we have??? That's the question!

What do you think? (Try not to be biased based on where you live) :)

Ahhhh, our life. So glad I've been writing it down for the last 5 years because honestly....who would believe it?


thoughts of an elbow said...

Give your boys a say in it :) what do they think?

Kaylee said...

good question Laur! they want to go. brendan says he would love it to be rainy every single day and they want to live in the "woods". wyatt wants to be a farmer. :) some of that stuff just isn't possible here. :) they've moved before and know what it means and personally, i think they like the adventure of it all!

leslee aka mom aka nana said...

whatever you do, which ever path you decide to take, Rand will "bust it out" and make the very best of it....he'll find a way to provide for his family whether there in Arizona or here in Washington, and you, sweetie, will do what you do best, nurture your family. as for your list of pros and cons, the pros to move to washington seemed to outweigh the cons.....and you know i'm not biased 'cause i was all ready to move to arizona!

Amy Cooper said...

Your pros list is great - I get the cons too . . . but I'm for moving to WA! :) PLUS, you'll be close to your favorite photographers. . . with a newborn. . .think of all the photographs. :) Good luck with the decision making!

The Biemecks said...

I promise I'm not being biased. EVEN if we still lived in AZ, I would tell you that it sounds like a great opportunity, and that it's really where you all want to be. We think you should go! God will work in the details like what to do with your house, moving, and will provide you with everything you need personally to get through another move--just like He always does. :-)

Rachel said...

You already know my opinion since we hash it out on the phone almost every day and I don't live in Arizona or Washington! It's time to start packing. :)

(maybe you should just do a quick job search in Wichita????)

Anonymous said...

Of course I am going to say come home to Washington. I think this is where you really want to be and we need to all be closer. We just have to get Rachel and her family back here too. I am also a little disappointed to not have a reason to go to Arizona but just having everyone close by would be so good. Rand is a good provider and I know that God will be with you what ever decision you make. You are all always in my prayers and in our prayers here at the Fun. Home. The Great Marshmellow loves you all.

Anonymous said...

I say look in Alaska, one you are a resident you get $1500 per family member from the state and the fishing is unreal. Plus it rains all the time and you get snow, and you will never be hot again.
Uncle Bubba