Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Ball

One of the perks to Phoenix living is year round baseball (although we do NOT play summer ball. No thank you. Spring is borderline too hot, so summer you can forget about it). Fall on the other hand...especially night games are perfect! We put Brendan in Little League this season instead of the league we used last year because it wasn't quite up to Daddy-coach standards (and I have to admit it was a tad frustrating). Little League is proving to be a bit more up to par, although Daddy-coach is still finding himself a little frustrated watching from the sidelines. :)
Brendan is so cute out there! He is one of the smallest dudes on the team, but one of the better players and he just loves it. They started him at short-stop last night (Daddy's boy). He got walked his first at-bat and then proceeded to steal his way all the way home. He claims to love stealing which boggles my mind because just the thought of it gives me anxiety. Like I said, Daddy's boy!
Wyatt, a baseball player at heart, is having second thoughts about his career in karate and I think will be back in cleats for the spring. I really love watching these little guys play baseball.


Anonymous said...

I would love to watch them play. Maybe I will get to one of these days!! "Take me out to the ballgame..." Love from the Great Marshmellow.

Anonymous said...

How about Fall Fishing?
Uncle Bubba