Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Easton::18 Months

I'm about to miss the milestone all together. In just a week he will be over the year and a half mark and well on his way to two!

Easton keeps growing, although he is still in the same size clothing he was wearing about 10 months ago, thanks to the miraculous thin down. He has yet to have his appointment so no impressive stats to report. I suspect he is sneaking down into the "normal" ranges, though he still seems really big compared to other kiddos his age.

This is a little boy who wants to be big and little at the same time. He keeps up with his big brothers well. He wants to climb and jump and ride bikes and run outside with them...and he does. At the same time he is very much a mama's boy. Doesn't share me very well and likes to be close pretty much all the time. Loves his Daddy time but has more fun if I am nowhere in sight.

His words are coming slowly but surely and he has quite a vocabulary if you are me and can understand what he is saying. More, Milk, Elmo, Einstein, No, Ow, Mouth, Nose, Eye, Mom, and Dad are the most spoken. He's not combining words yet, but soon. He loves looking at animals and we drive around an area of town that has tons of horses, goats, sheep, etc. just to entertain him. I call it our drive-by zoo. It's just people with pets in their yards. :)

He still takes 2 naps a day...most of the time...and sleeps great at night. He and I get up together at 6 usually. A little early, but these years of being a Mommy have made those early mornings a little easier. I guess I'm getting used to it. I took the crib rail off his crib (much earlier than I wanted to) out of necessity because my belly is now what I would consider "large" and I can no longer bend over the side to put him in. He can easily get in and out by himself, but knows when it is nap/bed time and he stays in and does what he is supposed to. What a good little boy! Not nearly as stubborn and strong willed as his oldest brother was. Either that or it is just the difference between a 2 year old and an 18 month old. We will see as time goes on!

Easton loves babies and has acquired a baby doll from a little girlfriend and he actually is so cute with it. Carrying it, just like a baby, and sleeping with it and poking it in the eyes and then, of course, violently throwing it to the floor. I think there will be a love/hate relationship at first with the new baby. I'm praying for this little guy and the transitions coming up in his life. My heart always hurts a little bit when major things happen in the lives of the little ones that they can't quite understand yet.

18 months old. Kind of hard to believe.
We sure love this little big guy!


leslee aka mom aka nana said...

he is just beyond precious and way too cute!!! eighteen months....stop the clock! everyone just needs to freeze where they are for awhile .... i hate missing so much of everyone's growing up years..... Thank you God for the internet and thank you girls for having a blog which you're so faithful to maintain with great stories and pictures....

Bekki said...

I moved all of mine out of the crib at around 18 months, there was always another one coming behind that needed it. Well except for Gwen but then I took her room for the school room. :)I never had a problem keeping then in bed they were so used to it by the time they were older that is was never questioned, although they found plenty of other things to be "two " about. :) He is looking so grown up in these photos.

Anonymous said...

He is just so cute and growing so fast. I am so excited about you moving back and being able to be a part of their lives. Believe me they will get to know The Great Marshmellow!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Easton will let me take him fishing when he is four, just 2.5 years to go. Then it is fish on.


Krisy said...

I can't believe it either. What a swweeeeet boy.