Wednesday, April 11, 2012

At Practice

 Wow. Baseball is our life right now. School, baseball, school, baseball. That's what we do. Two boys in two different leagues (but both playing for the Cubs!), two practices a week each, equals a lot of time at the fields for us! While one boy is at practice with his team, Rand takes the other boy and they have private coaching time, just Dad and son). So really each boy is practicing 4 times a week. Me? What am I doing? Oh, I'm glad you asked. Mostly trying to stay warm while entertaining Easton and Annabel for 2 hours, who both want to do very different things. Easton wants to play on the playground rain or shine, hail or snow. Annabel wants to be held, but it has been so cold I won't take her out of the stroller and out of her blankets. She doesn't like it much. I'd like to be sitting with a book or some knitting some place quiet all by myself. But instead, those babes and me usually wind up spending a lot of time in the car. Easton climbs around and Annabel eats and cuddles and sits on my lap. It's not all bad. It's kinda fun. And the weather is improving and so hangin' at the play structure isn't so bad either.

Opening day is Saturday and our crazy game schedule is about to begin! From now until June 2 should be a blur.

So here we are...during practice....hanging out in the car.

...still pointing, and usually scowling along with it!

but not always

also "shoosh-ing" when he is told not to do something!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could come over to watch the boys play but the price of gas makes it difficult. Monday is payday so I will have to come for the next games. Rats!! Just let me know when and where the games are. Someday when you are sitting quietly knitting or reading you will think back with fond memories of these days and wish you could do it again!! Love you lots. The Great Marshmellow.

Anonymous said...

I think that you should take up fishing, there has got to be a stream near by.

Uncle Bubba

Mom said...

I love all of Easton's many expressions! He says so much with a finger and a look! And oh sweet beautiful Annabel.....keep taking lots of pictures, she's changing so fast!