Sunday, April 8, 2012

2 Perfect Spring Days

I tried to start posting about our day yesterday, but then my keyboard did something funky and I just decided to forget it. So today you get 2 posts in 1. You know what that means! Double the pictures.

All I have to say is AWESOME weather. I mean awesome. Sunny and warm and so beautiful. All those grey, rainy days sure do make everything look extra lovely when they go away.

So yesterday we spent a lot of time outside exploring the "county park" that we get to call home and then we colored some eggs...nothing like the last minute!

Today we hosted a party for my family after an awesome church service at Mars Hill, had an egg hunt and played outside all day until we collapsed, filthy dirty and so very tired.

We sure did miss all our family who weren't with us today.
It has been a very perfect spring weekend in Washington.

A perfect weekend always starts with Dad home for 3 days.

Easton was very proud of his eggs! Each boy did their own dozen and these were all his!

I love how little kids pick dandelions and give them to their moms. :)

Part of the crew walking down to where we had our egg hunt

and I was there too!!

I mean, seriously, I just can't get enough of how beautiful it is here!

And then there was the traditional camera shenanigans that tend to happen at gatherings like this.

He's always been a little "off".


Anonymous said...

We had such a beautiful day! It was so much fun!! I wish I could be there right now!! Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

The creek looked real fishy.
Uncle Bubba