Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Garden.....Sort of

We have visitors this week. I love when people we love from far away come to visit. Rand's Aunt and Uncle from Minnesota are here. And I discovered tonight that they just laugh and giggle about how in the world I can knit and throw birthday parties, let alone blog at all with this new(ish) baby and 3 crazy boys. They even went so far as to tell me that they joked and said, "What's next? A gardening blog??" Well it just so happens that was exactly what I was going to do next and there are some gardening photos just sitting there on my camera card as a matter of fact!

We jest in fun, right Chris and Joanie??

So for real. I've been plotting a garden (and other things!!!) in my mind since we moved in here in November. Our "lower yard" where we have all the space is a great spot. BUT, we would have to rip out grass and rocks and break up hard ground and bring in good dirt and then protect it from all the animals and honestly I don't think we could have made that least not this year. (See??? I have limits!) So my mom came over one day and told me she had heard about this public garden in Shelton where you can "lease" a garden box for the summer and grow your own stuff. It's super cheap, it's filled with organic soil and compost, there is water and tools available. I just have to plant what I want and maintain it. If I have extra produce I can donate it and they distribute it to the food bank or others who need/want it. It's perfect.  I have a small garden space near the house that I will plant in and then I have my garden box in Shelton too! Seemed like a good solution for this tough "season" we are in right now.

So believe it or not....I've planted some stuff. It just feels irresponsible to not try to at least grow some of our food!


Rachel said...

That is going to be so great!!! You really are a super mom!
And I know you feel overwhelmed sometimes, but please give up blogging last because it's my connection to "seeing" what you guys are doing!!! :)

Mom said...

Gardening, like raising kids is a little messy, definitely can be dirty, it takes a lot of work and planning but the end result is always all good .....sometimes it can be surprising what grows!

Anonymous said...

Go fishing, then put the fish garden, great fertilizer.
Uncle Bubba