Saturday, April 14, 2012

Opening Day

Well today is a sad day. I miss my brother. Today is the day that I say it out loud. Today 5 years ago changed everything. Does it need to be said? I don't know. It's a part of who I am. It's a part of my everyday and I don't need to say it to know it or feel it or so that anyone else remembers. I remember. It just is what it is.

BUT, that being said, I was glad to have something fun to do today.

Today was opening day for Capital Little League. Woot-woot!!!! The boys play at different levels, but low and behold they both wound up playing for the Cubs. Different teams. Both Cubs. So they look like they are on the same team, but they aren't. (This has happened before!)

They did great and had a huge cheering squad. Both of their games were at the same time which was good and bad. We didn't have to stay for the whole day, but I felt torn between both fields. And then another bummer was that Rand couldn't be there. I know, right?! It just felt so wrong. The one guy who has been grooming them for these moments, who is living a dream with these sons of his in baseball uniforms, had to work today. :( But there are lots of games and you better believe he will be there!

They both won their games and they are still giddy with excitement. This is going to be a fun spring. Crazy, but fun.

After the games we went to the Farmers Market downtown. I got some local honey and a few vegetable starts to plant. I met some family down there, but eventually we went our separate ways. All of a sudden I found myself in the middle of a very crowded market with all four kids, all by myself!!! I about had a panic attack. I pretty much high-tailed it to the car!

It's been a good day. Sad and happy. Hard mixed with joy. I really love my life. I really miss my brother. I really believe in God and am so moved today with the blessings He gives us here but also that there is something better beyond this. I'm glad those 2 exist together. There is sadness here and also joy. And thank God there is Heaven. And thank you, God, for baseball. ;)

Opening Ceremonies

Brendan on 2nd (he stole)

In the dug-out

Wyatt playing 1st


Anonymous said...

Spring was always about Chinook for me, not so sure about this baseball thing.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

What a great fun day we had!! I just love watching the kids play baseball and all the excitement that includes. Easton and I had a lot of fun too!! I am ready to do it again!! The Great Marshmellow.

Kim said...

I love seeing your kids in their uniforms....can't wait to see the pictures when the younger two get in on that action! The picture of Wyatt holding up a sign for Brendan is too cute!

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