Friday, April 20, 2012


We went for a little walk around our property today to show Aunt Joanie and Uncle Chris the beauty of the Great PNW. It was beautiful. On our way down the path we saw a little tiny dead snake. The boys were fascinated. I went on to tell them that oh yes, when it is warmer this summer we will see snakes, probably in the grass and probably much bigger than that one.

It turned out we didn't have to wait until summer. Joanie spotted a nice big one out in the grassy field and we chased it, took pictures of it, and some (one) of us even picked it up! *shudder*

how awesome are these trees??


Rachel said...

WOW! your trees are beautiful, but holy smokes that snake! i wonder what happened to us, we used to save snakes all the time! now i find them kinda gross. :)

Anonymous said...

If you can handle a snake you can definitely handle a fish, I expect great things from Wyatt in the fishing department.
Uncle Bubba

Kim said...

WOWZERS! Wyatt, you are BRAVE!