Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Luck, Jess!

My friend Jessie, and her husband from Shelton are riding in the STP today and tomorrow. For those who don't know, the STP is a bike race that goes from Seattle to Portland (STP)....205 miles. She's been training hard and today is the day. They actually started early this morning and are as far south as far as I can tell.

The main reason for the post is because she posted a link on her blog so that we could follow her and it isn't working. So, in case you are wanting to track her progress in the race today and tomorrow you can click THIS LINK. I posted a comment on her blog, but I didn't know if people would get it.
Good luck Jess! Can't wait to hear how it went.

Here is a picture of Jessie and Me at my parent's house on Mason Lake....sportin' our "pacificnorthwest girl" t-shirts.

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Anonymous said...

That race is no joke from what I have heard. Hopefully she stopped and did some fishing as I know the course crosses some pretty good fishing holes.
Uncle Bubba