Thursday, November 6, 2008

He Did It!

You just don't realise how difficult certain little tasks actually are, that we do every single day, until you try to teach a five year old how to do it!

Yesterday, after weeks of instruction and practice, Brendan successfully tied a bow all by himself. He went to get dressed in the morning, as he usually does, and he was taking forever. I was wondering what he was doing so quietly in his room, as this is usually a very bad sign. I waited patiently for the crash of something breakable, or the "Mom, I did something I don't want to tell you..." (I've been getting that a lot lately) But voila! Here is what he was working on!

He was extremely proud of himself! Such a typical, first born boy! He just decides he wants to do these things himself and he sets out to make it happen. Remind you of anyone????? I'll give you a hint.....It's not me! :)

Here's mini-Rand with his first tied bow!

Oh, and this is for you, you don't have to:
It looks like he is about ready to tie his own flies, don't you think??
Fish on, Uncle Bubba!!!


rachel said...


he's such a big kid now. wish we could hang out in real life instead of over a computer!

miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Nice work little man. He is not ready for the tying of flies just yet, but he is definitely ready to start tying his own fishing knots. I will show him next time I see him.
Uncle Bubba

nana said...

BRENDAN....way to go!!!! You can now tie a bow!!!!! You have accomplished something you will use for the rest of your life!!!! Time for a shoes with laces.....hooray
love you