Saturday, November 8, 2008

Knit Wits

In an effort to restart something old in a new way I would like to introduce you to Knit Wits.
You can read all about what it is here (in Rachel's words). It's technically a knitting club, but anyone can be involved in a couple different ways. There are several "members" that will be posting, but you can also be a club member by becoming a "follower" of the blog. Or you can just check it out whenever you want. :)
Hopefully I can keep up my knitting kick for a while here. (I have a tendency to burn out and move on to other things before too long.) That's the great part about it being a club. If I'm not knitting, hopefully someone else is.
Another good thing about this club is that it's members are literally spread across the country. So if you're wanting to learn to knit.....or knit with a buddy in person as opposed to just online, chances are you could meet up with one of us and we could knit together. Sounds fun!
I know with the three of us sisters being thousands of miles apart we could probably each use some new knitting buddies.....or just crafting buddies in general. As Rachel explains, our Knit Wits club back in WA usually just turned into Rachel knitting like the wind and the rest of us chatting, eating, drinking wine, and laughing a lot. Hey, there's a reason she is called The Yarn Whisperer. She's good. She actually all the time.
So here's to knitting and knitting clubs at every level!

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Anonymous said...

I think an online club is a great idea, I can give lots of ideas about knitted fishing paraphenalia.
Uncle Bubba