Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We had a full, unexpected day yesterday.

On Sunday Brendan kind of complained all day that his right leg was hurting. I kept wondering what the problem was, but wasn't concerned because he was running and playing with the best of 'em. Sunday we had a very full day of raking leaves, which was super fun. The kids raked and jumped and raked and jumped.

Sunday night was awful. Brendan basically didn't sleep all night because his leg was hurting. Specifically it was his knee. I gave him Tylenol, but it didn't seem to help. By morning the pain was excruciating for him and he couldn't walk on it at all. Rand and I decided to make him an appointment. I spent the majority of the morning trying to choose a pediatrician (hadn't done that yet!). Found one, made an appointment for around noon. Brendan couldn't walk or bend his knee without a whole lot of pain, so I was glad Rand had the day off because we carried him A LOT yesterday. According to the nurse, he now weighs 50 lbs!!! Carrying him for me is getting close to impossible. The Doc couldn't solve the mystery and because the pain was so bad he decided to send us on for X-Rays. After a couple hoops and the run around we finally got the X-Rays done and by the end of the day, the Motrin was working and Brendan was starting to feel a little better.

We got home around 5:30 and the Doc called right when we got home. Looked at the X-Rays and said that whatever the issue is, it is not bone related.

I gave Bren another dose of Motrin before bed and haven't heard a peep out of him about his knee. Grrrr! Don't get me wrong. I'm glad nothing seems to be wrong with it, but boy, yesterday feels like a waste. Rand and I decided that even if it was a waste, at least we got to be together and we had a couple "we-don't-know-where-we-are" adventures. Finding your way around this place is crazy! NOTHING like the wonderful grid of Phoenix.

So that was Monday.......ALL DAY!

I just asked Brendan how is knee was feeling......Here is what he said:

"Fine. Feelin' fine. I can bend it like this, but not like this. Actually look (demonstrating all the ways he can bend it). I'm totally fine! And look at me, I look cute! Look at the clothes I have on......"
Oh boy, this is what constant attention will get you! :)


Nana said...

Hooray for cute little boys.....whose knees are just fine...hugs to you Brennie.....

Kcronquist said...

Holy cow, that quote is something else. Too funny.

Who does he get that from? Rand or you?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he is growing to me, maybe that was the issue, just some growing pains or he is seriously missing some fishing with Uncle Bubba. Yeah it is probably the last one.
Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh my. Sounds like a Raudy kind of day. Seriously. That's when I have to say, "Grrr..." Anyway, at least he's okay now. Guess it was just growing pains? Looking forward to breakfast Friday...be prepared to do a lot of talking since I am sorta "squeaking"

Anonymous said...

I think it must be that he is not getting any time playing golf with Grandpa Mike...and his body is shocked at the cold...it's thinking is should be 70.
See you in 3 weeks.
Grandpa Mike

coop said...

That quote makes me giggle! Glad everything is ok. :)