Friday, November 7, 2008

Warm, But Fall Nonetheless

For a second I thought it was going to get really cold here. It was cold, for like a day, and now it is warm. By warm I mean Washington-weather-warm, not Arizona-weather-warm. Today it is getting up towards 70 degrees, but if you just looked out the window you would swear it must be somewhere around 40. Depends on what you're used to I suppose. The colors, however, are spectacular! I wish it would just stay like this for 6 weeks more. I think the trees will be bare in a couple weeks at the most. One good wind storm could erase most of the color from the beautiful scenery in a matter of days.
The trees in our yard have finally turned, and every day they look a little thinner and there is less grass showing in our yard. It's rained for 2 days, so the leaves are staying as a carpet until they dry up and can be raked (or blown) a little more easily. Besides, our kids should be able to do a little leaf jumping first before boring winter replaces this colorful autumn.


Anonymous said...

I like the color of the leaves but never the falling of the leaves, they always get caught in my fishing line when they float down the river.
Uncle bubba

Wesbri said...

Love your photos. Very nice blog.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Fall is the best. The beauty in this area during this season is definitely spectacular. Hoping to get out of my house soon to enjoy it myself. Love your pics.