Friday, March 6, 2009

Careful: Ice is Slippery

So this last winter storm was a doozy. It didn't affect my life a whole lot since I chose to not leave the house for most of it....which isn't all that weird, but we did get a good amount of snow and ice and very chilly weather. Despite our inner-craziness of really wanting to do spring time activities, this dose of winter was still fun. The snow here is really different from the PNW. I think it's just because it is colder. We get amazing icicles here! It's really awesome. You wouldn't even think icicles could form because it is so cold. Like, where'd the water come from that was dripping and froze?
We are so lucky to be renters right now. We have a large paved driveway with a large paved area in the back. It all gets plowed for us which is so awesome! Monday when it was really snowing it got completely plowed twice. Obviously they can't plow where our cars are parked so we shovel just a bit, but check this out. See the picture below? On Tuesday we left the house for a bit, and you can see, under our car looked like an ice rink! There was snow around the car, but under the car was just ice. It looks like water, but it isn't. It's frozen....believe me. I opened my car door, took a step toward the car and was on my back in a fraction of a second. I'm not kidding. It was so fast! :) I wasn't injured, except my shin that nailed my running board. Oh, if only someone would have seen it or had a camera or something. I'm sure I could have won millions on AFV. Ok. I felt silly. I warned Rand, said it was super slick. He came to the car and did the exact same thing! I about peed my pants laughing. Fortunately, he had been warned and managed to save himself from hitting the ground. Lucky! I have a bruise on my rear.
Well, it warmed up and the massive amount of snow we got is just about gone. The boys and I had on t-shirts and our gloves yesterday and managed to make a snowman out of the melting snow. You have to wait until the snow starts melting to make a snowman around here. Nice and wet...just like I'm used to!
Any bets on one more snowstorm before spring?


Krisy said...

Dude. I would have totally laughed at you. I'm glad your ok though.

Anonymous said...

If you were on your way to go fishing I would not have laughed. I would have immediatley checked to see that your rod and reel were still functioning.
Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh that's funny. Was Rand mad that you laughed at him? :) NO more snow!!!! 2 weeks until the first day of spring!

Mama Amy said...

I was laughing about the falling on the ice, almost immediately, and almost under the car. That happened to me in college ON A DATE!! I was so humiliated! :)