Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evening Stroll at VFNHP

Isn't that a hilarious abbreviation? VFNHP. I saw that on a sign. I'm guessing Valley Forge National Historical Park. I guess it is a little long to type out.

I am loving daylight savings time and going out after dinner. Here we are at another spot at VFNHP!

Have I mentioned before that I wish I had a farm? Just a little one, but I really loved this property.
(click on the pics if you want to read the signs)


rachel said...

sweet dude. i love daylight savings too!

i hope you get a farm some day and i hope its right next to mine, so my alpacas can escape into your fields and then you can stare out your kitchen window and sigh an annoyed sigh and say "uhhhhh, those darn animals!". :) its gonna be awesome!

Anonymous said...

I want a farm, the only criteria is that it must be situated on the bank of a river.

Kim said...

What a fun adventure . . . and I'm glad that other people around the country like to abbreviate too! ;)