Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like A Lion--Snow Storm

Well, this is what we've been waiting for. Of course we get it when we're ready for warm weather, but whatever, we'll take what we can get! We prepared all day yesterday for the "big storm" and waited and waited. Brendan could hardly handle it he was so excited. We watched out the window for hours, but the snow didn't start until after they were in bed. 6am this morning the 2 bouncing, screaming snow monkies ran furiously around the house begging to go out. We finally did, but the conditions out there are pretty harsh. The wind is blowing, the snow is still going everywhere and we just don't have nearly enough gear for this kind of weather! But still! Sledding did ensue! Wyatt didn't last nearly as long as usual, and neither did I.
It was the same hill, same sleds, same jackets, same white snow. But much deeper. The new fun we had was throwing our little dog into the deep parts of the snow drifts and watching her disappear. :) Seriously. We did it like 6 times.

Let me explain a little something about our dog. She's basically a mut. A ridiculous mix of chiuaua, boston terrier and apparently dachsund (but I don't see it). Anyway, she hates being least in the house and is always burying herself in blankets or random sweatshirts that might be laying around. When we lived in Arizona she would be the one laying in the sun in the afternoon, right on the cement, soaking up the 115 degree warmth. I figured she was part Mexican, so it made sense (as in, it's in her blood to be used to the offense). The weird thing about Sammy is that she LOVES snow. She always has. You can't make a snowman around her because she will go nuts trying to destroy any size of snowball she sees. It's hilarious. She has knocked Wyatt over trying to get a snowball out of his hand...and she's little.

Remember this one? That's Sammy going for snow kicked by Rand's foot. I know it looks like Rand kicked her to death, but really she was just going after snow, flying from Rand's foot.

So, today was no exception. This snow was pretty deep in places, but I'm pretty sure she had the most fun.

See, these two look like they're working pretty hard out there!

<--- She's in there somewhere! You can see her if you look real close. :)



Anonymous said...

Do you think Sammy would chase fish with the same feirce desire that she chases snow with? If she will I would like to borrow her.
Uncle Bubba

Carolann said...

That is so freakin funny to watch the
Question for ya..... where do you find the headers and designs for your page?? I really like them it looks great!!

Krisy said...

That is crazy! Sammy rocks the snow.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy for you Kaylee. You get to play in that cold, white, freezing stuff. Brendan & Wyatt are enjoying the fun that kids have in the snow. I remember when I was their much fun it was. Now, the green grass of the golf course is so much more inviting. I do wish I was there to play in snow. I miss everyone.
Grandpa Mike

Kaylee said...

The last few times I've been experimenting with making my own backgrounds and headers. I use photoshop and dowloadable digital scrapbooking stuff. The header is easy enough because you just upload the finished jpeg in your layout section. I always tweek my html to support a bigger text area and make my sidebar smaller and then stretch out the header to fit over the top. To make your own background you have to upload your image to photobucket and then insert a direct link into your html for your template. There's more details, obviously, if you want to know more, we could email! :)

Carolann said...

Thats great Kaylee a big Thank you, I will play around to see what I can come up with. Here's my email so we can chat that way too.

Thanks again

Nana said...

amazing snowy pictures! that's the snow we all want in December and January! should i be making more fleece hats? i think i'll make some today...and send them tomorrow and then the snow will be gone when they get there!!! but who knows perhaps there will another snow storm!!!!
snowdrops and crocus are blooming totally looks like spring...i'm thinking easter eggs....

The Raudenbush Family said...

Okay, I just had to watch Sammy's video about 10 times at the request of the kids. They loved it. She's hilarious. I honestly think you got more snow than us--how can that be? We're only about 10 minutes from you????

Red said...

...and I managed to miss this storm! It snowed down here but not as much and I really didn't believe the weather man(after being wrong all the time) that we left winter boots and pants at home. Have fun in the snow and keep on you toes for the wild ride if March. We'll have to get together when I get back. I need to chat Sonlight with someone!

Jaynee~ said...

I'm so glad the boys could wake up to that much snow. What A total BLAST! I envy you. Wouldn't it be fun to be Sammy for a day in the snow? Well, maybe a day would be too long. I could go for a couple of tosses though. :) haha.

Ashley said...

ha ha ha hahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sammy!!!! ha ha ha ha!!!