Saturday, March 14, 2009

Springy Signs

I know it appears that I'm obsessed about the weather right now. And well,....perhaps I am. Today was not that warm. BUT, it was warm enough. All day we counted signs of spring. Brendan is into it just as much as me. It's great.
Here's a few from today.

Sweet the ground

Garden tools, out of the basement

Garden surprises popping up

Hummingbird feeder ready to be hung up

Baseball, all day, across the street

Robin Redbreast....everywhere!


rachel said...

awesome!!! we have fun green things popping out of our garden too! glad it's starting to get sunny over there. if i have to read one more post about how blah you feel, i just might hurt myself. :) ha ha ha!!! just kidding, i totally get the feb/march blahs. write about them all you want, i just love to have new posts to read! :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Friday is the official first day of Spring! I'm ready!

Red said...

Has anyone told you about Rita's yet? Onthe first day of spring they geive everyone a free ice. You you usually have to stand in line for a bit but its a fun way to welcome spring!

Anonymous said...

We just did a whole bunch of garden work, but I would have rather been fishing, especially for Spring Chinook.
Uncle Bubba