Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Where In Sight

You know how I've been "gently" complaining about the weather and my souls' desire for the warmth and color of spring? This morning we woke up to snow falling. I was surprised, I must say, because, one, I don't watch the news so unless I'm on top of checking my weather online, I may not know what's coming. And two, it was just 60 degrees 2 days ago and we were outside, riding bikes with just long sleeve t-shirts on AND that very day I checked my weather online and didn't see snow in the future! Turns out we are having a full on winter storm and should expect 8 to 14 inches by tomorrow afternoon. Alright. Switching gears. Let it snow!

Pictures to follow as soon as sledding ensues!


rachel said...

awesome!!!! can't wait to see the pictures! it snowed here yesterday morning, but of course the wind just blew it around, so there's none on the ground. but its suppose to warm up to 70 this week too..freaky weather

Carolann said...

That is so funny!!! Can't wait to see the pictures either. And as for Rachel you will never know what your getting weather wise in Kansas....shoot I use to live in Oklahoma....crazy weather is all I can

The Dorcy Diaries said...

Kaylee....I feel your pain! I keep checking the weather online to see when there might be sun! I can't wait for spring and summer to come! We had snow last Thursday morning, then sun by the afternoon. I am just ready to thaw out! Love your blog by the way! Hope you guys are good!

Anonymous said...

As long as you can still get out and fish, who cares what the weather does.
Uncle Bubba